Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Nauvoo Miracles

Here in Nauvoo we have what we call "Nauvoo Miracles" I dare say every missionary here has some crisis and heartache going on at home. Not all problems are automatically solved just by serving the Lord, however, we learn to trust in Him whose wisdom is far above our own. Sometimes we cannot fix things that depend on the agency of others, but we do observe the little miracles and blessings that are received because it is His will that they happen,
Several Months ago Elder and Sister Mueller's son Mark was diagnosed with a Brain tumor. It was pretty big and they did do surgery, but part of it was still in his brain. Elder and Sister Mueller asked the mission to fast and pray for their son. We did with faith knowing that all was in the hands of our Father in Heaven and it would be his will that would be done. This young man had been inactive in the church. His girlfriend was not a member of our faith. This young man was encouraged by his parents to begin attending church again, which he did. Then a new technique came along. The doctors were able to go in with special equipment and zap the tumor. It was not known how this would all turn out, but this morning in Preparation Meeting, Elder Mueller announced that the MRI that was just done, showed no signs of a tumor or any disease at all. There was some dead tissue left from the zapping. A Nauvoo Miracle? Yes.
In my own life we had a 'Nauvoo Miracle of our own. That was when our son Rob gave his diabetic sister one of his kidneys. When the donation was made, that kidney began to work immediately. Traci now has a new lease on life. We know not how many years she may have left, but we certainly hope enough to raise her boys. Another "Nauvoo Miracle"
Anyone who says miracles do not occur today is wrong. Miracles are performed everyday. The Lord has not forgotten us. He loves us and continues to help us daily.
I just wanted to share this with you. Have a Great Day.
Elder and Sister Rawlinson

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HaroldandLoretta said...

Beautiful miracle story Sister Rawlinson. When do you guys come home? We are going to Carol & Trumans homecoming tomorrow. Ours will be on May 9. Hugs to you all. We miss the mission field.