Monday, February 22, 2010

The Parable of the Bear

Hello from snowy Nauvoo. In the last 2 days we have received about 5 inches of snow. The wind is blowing today which also means it will be cold. The trees are so pretty when we have snow, but we are hoping to thaw out soon. Now for The Parable of the Bear.

Sister Mecham told this story in Sacrament Meeting on Sunday.

When she was a child as soon as school was out her family would pack up the truck, the trailer, their little dog Skipper, and head for Yellow Stone for the summer where her father worked. They would stay there all summer and they loved Yellow Stone. As children they played by the river and roamed all over the place. This was at a time when Yellow Stone had lots of bears and you could see them everywhere. Her mother gave them 2 rules to live by when they wanted to explore. The first rule was they were to always take Skipper. The second rule was that if they ever saw a bear they were to immediately run to the house for safety.
One day she and her 4 year old sister were making mud pies outside the house. They were having a great time when Sister Mecham looked over to where her sister had been sitting, and there was a Brown Bear. Her sister had seen the bear coming and ran to the house neglecting to tell Sister Mecham. Sister Mecham sat frozen with fear. The bear was between her and the door to the house. All at once here came Skipper, yapping and nipping at that bear. The bear tried to take a swipe at Skipper, but he couldn't reach him. Skipper just kept yapping and nipping. Finally the bear lumbered off towards the woods with Skipper yapping and nipping at his heels. Sister Mecham ran for the safety of the house. She watched out of the window wondering what had happened to Skipper. Then she looked and here was Skipper coming back from the woods. He was unharmed.
Then she continued by telling us that Skipper had done something for her that day that she could not do for herself. He saved her from certain death. She went on to say that Jesus Christ, our Savior, has done the same thing for us. He not only has saved us from physical death but spiritual death as well. He loves us and wants to give us a path to safety just like Skipper was willing to give his life to clear a path of safety for Sister Mecham. She made some other interesting comments in her talk, but those I will save for another time. I loved this story. She is an awesome lady and we will miss them when they go home in a month.
We love you all. Have a great day.

The Rawlinsons

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