Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Phill's Death

Well just after I posted this blog, Phill, Ralph's brother died at his home. It was a sad occasion because spiritually he was not prepared to go. However, our Father in Heaven will be merciful because Phill, Dean, and Ralph's parents did not really know the gospel and therefore did not teach it to their family. The only reason that Dean and Ralph were in the church was because of the good women that they married who encouraged them to get active and be sealed in the temple for all eternity.

Phill will have his chance to accept or reject the gospel and his brother Dean who is there now will help him do that. Now we just have to get Ruthie to realize that the gospel of Jesus Christ is here in it's fullness and that she can have all of the blessings of eternity right now. If not in this life, I feel certain she will have a chance to accept the gospel in the life to come. Their family will certainly make sure that the work is done. Hurrah for the doctrine of eternal ordinances for the dead. We do have the truth don't we.

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