Sunday, August 9, 2009

Nauvoo Miracle

This evening we had a "Sociable" which is like a fireside but for the whole town of Nauvoo if they wish to come. The BYU Acapella group called Vocal Point were the ones who were going to sing to us. We waited until 8 P.M. to have this because of the heat and humidity. We were sitting there waiting for the show to begin and here came great big thunder clouds. As the show began, not too far away we could see lightning coming down and on the other side of the clouds. We were very worried that it would soon open up and rain but the show went on. There were clouds and lightning all around us but no loud thunder. The show was great and we were home a little after 9:30 P.M. Within an hour it began to rain. Now I call this a Nauvoo Miracle. This show was so spiritual and touched everyone's hearts. Thank You Heavenly Father for the Nauvoo Miracle.

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